by Carol Linacre

Meet my Elena

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My Elena is a One of a Kind artist modified doll. Customized and lovingly hand painted of a brand new AG Truly Me 62 doll. I won't be making another doll exactly like her.

Elena has been part of my personal collection for a few months.  She has been carefully displayed with all my dolls in my dolls' room, redressed a couple of times and photographed for my Instagram/ Facebook page feed. She has never been played with and is in new condition.

​TM 62's factory paint was carefully removed to be painted by hand and sealed to give her her unique new facial features to create Elena. She was made as a collector's doll.  Even though her new facial features have been sealed, it may get shine marks with rough playing.  For this reasons Elena is not recommended for young doll lovers.

Elena's soft body came originally with a zip tie at the neck to hold her head in place, that I replaced it with neck strings. Her limbs are factory tight and she can stand unsupported and hold posses. Her finger nails and toe nails have been painted and glossed.

Elena's beautiful new hair it’s a brand new wig. It's part of the CYO line that was new and never glued to any other doll in the past. It's brown, wavy, long to her elbows. Soft and shiny. 

Elena's ears are pierced and is wearing new  stud earring, that are part of the Celebration Earrings set from AG that match with her meet outfit.

Elena comes dressed in her original meet outfit consisting in a floral dress, glittery sneaker shoes and blue jacket. She is also wearing her original removable underwear, no permanent underwear.

​Elena, as all my dolls, has an Artist's Certificate of Authenticity of her custom work including signed printed photos for your records.

Elena will travel home accompanied by a brand new Frenchie puppy, as a token of appreciation of your business. Thank you for choosing an "It's a Doll Affair" doll to welcome into your collection.


Elena will be shipped through USPS Priority, with tracking number, added insurance and her package will require signature confirmation at delivery (US territory only)
International shipping is available through eBay Global Shipping Program. Terms and conditions of eBay Global Shipping Program apply. For customers abroad, I'll set up a private listing on eBay for your purchase. Please contact me through the CONTACT ME form or follow the instructions at the top of the listing.

She  will go home in her original AG doll box. Her hair was styled with her hair held to the side and will go in a hairnet to keep it in place during travels. It may need light styling when removing it. Her box is going to go inside a new shipper box with all new shipping materials, and will be mailed out within three business days, Monday through Friday, after receiving cleared payment through PayPal. Prompt payment it's appreciated to speed up her shipping.

Custom dolls sales are final. Please review all the pictures as they are considered part of her description and contact me if you have further questions or requests.

Thank you!

For the love of dolls,
It's a Doll Affair by Carol Linacre

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