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by Carol Linacre

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For the love of Dolls

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My name is Carol Linacre, I'm a former Pediatric Dentist, now full time Mom, Doll Collector and Artist of One of a Kind custom dolls.

All my dolls have my heart in them. They are a labor of love. I design and make them real, thinking about their own beauty and the character I’d like them to be. Each one of them, is lovingly created to be unique. No other customization I make, ends up to be exactly like another, they are really a ONE OF A KIND.

Thank you for joining me in this journey!

For the love of dolls,

©it's a doll affair by Carol Linacre

a.k.a."The Doll Whisperer"

It's a Doll Affair

"I am absolutely amazed at how much more beautiful Carol's dolls are in person. Carol is able to pick out just the right eye and hair color combinations for her dolls that make them sparkle & come to life when they're completed. Her talent and artistry is simply unmatched in my opinion. When you purchase an It's a Doll Affair doll, you're not just  purchasing a doll, you're purchasing a three dimensional work of art."

"I purchased a custom American Girl doll from Carol, and she is such a pleasure to work with. As a doll collector I am always looking for a special doll to add to my collection/AG doll family. She is the best American Girl face re-painter I have come across. Her passion is seen through her technique, and while this is a business you can tell that she really cares about all the dolls she works on. I would 100% recommend purchasing from It’s a Doll Affair to anyone who is interested. You will not regret it!"

'' Just wanted to let you know I just opened my dolls and just let me say....OMG, they are even more beautiful than I expected...😍😍😍 I couldn't be happier, thank you so very much!!!"

"Just perfect. Blown away by skill and artistry. Fast shipping and well packed. Great!!.

"Fast service! Cute, special doll. So unique! Special talent. Love her!!!"

"Love her eye lashes! Can't wait for your next dolls!!!"

"Beautiful doll! I love her!!!"

"Beautiful custom AG Doll I will have a very happy daughter at Christmas"

"I am SO happy w this doll -gorgeous! Perfect -great service-great seller A+++THX"

"Emory is lovely & cute. Thank you. Good friendly service. Highly recommended"