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by Carol Linacre​​

You will love my dolls

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One of a kind dolls made from the heart 


I started restoring damaged dolls in 2014, but my journey to customization begun shortly after, when one of those dolls was too damaged to be restored to its original condition. My very first customization was just a wig change, and now I do full life-like hand painted face ups, hand painted eyes, unique hand sewn custom wigs and dolls inspired in characters.

I work with new dolls but many of them are previously loved, which I really enjoy, because I believe in giving them a new chance to be loved. The majority of them are AG brand but I work in many different brands and types of dolls. My goal it's to be able to create uniqueness in any doll I may have in my hands.

Each one of my dolls, is carefully and lovingly crafted, taking all the time needed to their completion until they are absolutely ready to go to their forever homes.

To give my dolls a high quality face up, all their factory face paint it's removed.  This gives a better and more consistent,  natural, life-like finish and it also helps it to last longer, as it's less likely for it to chip.


My painting materials are all the highest quality available in the market and all of them are Professional Artist Grade.

The custom wigs I make for my dolls are hand sewn and I only use the highest quality hair that it's heat resistant so it can be restyled using heated hair tools if desired. My wigs are made for my dolls only and don't sell them separately.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have questions. I always do my best to reply promptly.

I don't take custom orders or offer customization services. I only work in my own dolls' projects that I may offer for purchase when they are completed.

Thank you so much for following my work!