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by Carol Linacre​​

How to Buy my Dolls

  • Send me a message through the CONTACT ME form at the top of this page or send me an email to DOLLAFFAIR@OUTLOOK.COM
  • Indicate in the subject which doll you're interested in buying.
  • Provide an email address where you'd like to receive a PayPal Invoice to complete your transaction 
  • Indicate where you are located. This is very important to determine free shipping eligibility

International shipping is limited but when possible, it will be calculated based on country of destination. I'm not responsible for custom fees. 

Inquires for them will be honored in the order they are received. They are offered on a first come, first served basis.  No holds or waiting lists.

You will receive an invoice through PayPal to the email address you provide. Invoices are due at the time they are received. They are One of a Kind and there won't be more exactly like them. Failure to complete transactions promptly may lead to cancelation of invoices and I may move to the next person interested in buying, no exceptions at this time, sorry! I appreciate your understanding.

Meet my Molly

Welcome to my Custom Dolls section

All my dolls are one of a kind. I don't offer customization services or take custom orders, I work in my own dolls only, that I may offer for sale here when they are ready. If a doll is published here, but it's marked as SOLD, it means someone claimed her and it's no longer available. 

I don't make dolls in bulk or keep a stock, this is my passion and I dedicate as much time to it as my daily life allows so unfortunately I can't say in advance when my dolls will be available or how many there will be, so visit my Instagram to be on the loop and be around for announcements!

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Postage is included for US locations. Mailing abroad available to some locations and will be calculated based on destination and final price may vary. They will be mailed out either through UPS 1-3 Business days or USPS Priority, fully insured, within 3 business day, Monday to Friday, after receiving cleared payment through PayPal.

Molly was lovingly hand painted out of a brand new doll of the latest version available for her at AG. Removed too her box to be hand painted and photographed only, never played with, displayed or undressed, comes wearing her original, complete, meet outfit.

Her neck zip ties was replaced with a cotton neck string exactly like the ones AG used to use for their dolls.

She will travel  well protected in her original box, inside a new shipper box with new shipping materials. Her hair won't be going in a hair net since that's how Molly comes from the factory.

her hair is intact and her bangs were just combed to the side to show her new detailed eyebrows.

Her book and glasses are included. 

If packing peanuts are used for packing, they are biodegradable and will dissolve under running hot water or can be placed safely in your compost bin. Packing materials are reusable and/or recyclable.​

As all my dolls, Molly will come with a Certificate of Authenticity of her custom work and signed printed pictures for your records. She stamped It's a Doll Affair  in the rim of her neck, under the fabric,  where it's not visible, and her box has my label.

For the love of dolls
It's a Doll Affair by Carol Linacre