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by Carol Linacre​​

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Postage is included for US locations. Mailing abroad available to some locations and will be calculated based on destination and final price may vary. They will be mailed out either through UPS 1-3 Business days or USPS Priority, fully insured, within 3 business day, Monday to Friday, after receiving cleared payment through PayPal. 

This listing is for my limited hand painted Special Edition Birthday Collection "Kit"

American Girl is bringing back one of the fandom's most loved character in this special edition, to celebrate what would be her 100th birthday. I'm offering a very  limited number of hand painted Kit dolls, starting with these two I present today. These dolls will be available for purchase only to those who signed up for a lottery to win the chance to buy them privately. This lottery is now closed and no more entries will be accepted. 

The first two lottery winners will be contacted to the emails provided. For possible upcoming Kits' repaints, lottery winners will be also selected among those who already signed up and they will be notified when the next dolls are ready. The process will be the same. There won't be more than 5 Kit dolls repaints in total, if there are more.

These Kits dolls were lovingly hand painted out of brand new dolls, removed from their boxes to be hand painted and photographed only, they have never been played with, displayed or undressed.  They come wearing their original, complete, meet outfits, with protective foam still attached.

They have been created by AG as a relaunch of the first Kit doll originally launched in 2000, therefore they come with cotton neck strings, unlike the newest AG dolls. 

They will travel very well protected in their original boxes, inside a new shipper box with new shipping materials. Their hair will be held in place by a hairnet and light restyling might be necessary when removing it. 

They come with their accessories and books (Please know that I usually keep the books and they are donated to my local school library, but in this case, since this an especial edition doll, the book will come included) 

If packing peanuts are used for packing, they are biodegradable and will dissolve under running hot water or can be placed safely in your compost bin. Packing materials are reusable and/or recyclable.​

As all my dolls, they will come with a Certificate of Authenticity of their custom work and signed printed pictures for your records. They are stamped It's a Doll Affair  in the rim of their necks, under the fabric,  where it's not visible, their boxes will have my label on them as pictured. 

For the love of dolls
It's a Doll Affair by Carol Linacre


Kit A on the left and Kit B on the right, side by side.


​Last one of the Series!

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Meet my Kit!